Why Aksay?

Aksay Silah meet, the shotguns industry’s need with high quality production and special shotguns. Aksay shotguns fundamentals has not only depends on production technology but also durability, and design.

Shotguns that we produced, are not including only the design and R&D process. Our high experience of spare part production has make us more sharp about details. Details are the main perspective of Aksay Silah. From front sight to buttstock our guns knit by experienced gunsmiths. Machinery's technology and gunsmiths hand crafts create a perfect design and flawless satisfaction.



Our story was started with manuel milling and lathe machines. Aksay Silah, day by day, were improved their machinery line with CNC machines. Today Aksay Silah is continuining their production with brandnew cnc machines and professional team.

You can review our products and all their details in our catalogues.

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